​After falling just a little bit short of making the playoffs in 2018, the Philadelphia Phillies seem determined this off-season to ensure they'll be playing next October. 

After reportedly ​reaching a deal to acquire Jean Segura from the Seattle Mariners, the Phillies are reportedly still interested in signing at least one of the ​bigger free agents available.

​​It's hard to imagine the Phillies getting all three free agents, but they seem determined enough to get at least one of them. They'd probably be better off prioritizing Bryce Harper or Manny Machado, as offense was a big issue for the team last season. 

​​With the trade for Segura, the infield is beginning to look pretty crowded. Outfielder Bryce Harper may be a better target, as the team is in need of at least one outfielder. 

With the ​New York Mets and ​Atlanta Braves making noise recently with big acquisitions of their own, the Phillies have seen them with the trade for Segura and now appear to be raising them by possibly signing at least one of the big free agents on the market.