Let the house cleaning continue for the Seattle Mariners, a team that's coming off yet another season that has ended without a postseason berth. 

As a result, some key names have already been traded this offseason, including 36-year-old All-Star second baseman, Robinson Cano and All-Star closer Edwin Diaz.

The New York Mets were on the end of that transaction, and now another NL East team will be involved and making deals with Seattle, as several MLB insiders confirmed Phillies-Jean Segura rumors we'd heard about last week.

Another day, another All-Star leaving the Mariners for a team in the Phillies that, if it weren't for a late-season epic collapse in 2018, would have been an NL contender in the postseason. 

Seattle, on the other hand, is in full teardown mode and the franchise is completely fine with that, electing to collect prospects and young players in exchange for building a long-lasting, winning team that could be competitive again in several seasons.

The Crawford and Segura deal does not look bad on paper, though.

And yes, there's a good chance Carlos Santana heads to Seattle as some salary relief in this equation, too. Bizarre career for him.

No one on the Mariners is safe, and with the offseason only just beginning, we expect to see plenty of more transactions from their base until spring training begins.