The Kansas City Chiefs seemed to be having fun at the expense of their division rival Oakland Raiders after defeating them 40-33.​ If you listen closely, you can hear that fun growing.

​​While Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill was being interviewed in the locker room, you can hear somebody whistling the Raiders theme song, 'The Autumn Wind'. That somebody happened to be Kansas City receiver ​Chris Conley.

It's always fun to beat your rivals and troll them to an extent after the game, but the Chiefs let Derek Carr and the two-win Raiders hang around and drop 33 points on them. I wouldn't be trolling them afterwards; I would just take the win and move on to next week.

One positive in what has been a ​tumultuous couple of days for the Chiefs was that the offense performed great once again, as Patrick Mahomes threw for four touchdowns in Sunday's victory.

In the meantime, before this rivalry gets good again, the Chiefs will be preparing for the playoffs, while the Raiders will be preparing to have the number one pick in the draft.