​Dallas Mavericks point guard Dennis Smith Jr. is going to have to pay a visit to the dentist after what just happened to him. 

​​In Sunday's ​Mavericks matchup against the Los Angeles Clippers, the camera clearly showed Smith Jr. getting his tooth knocked out by Los Angeles point guard Patrick Beverley while the two were battling for a loose ball.

Beverly elbowed Smith Jr. in the process, which led to the tooth being knocked out. No foul was called on the play.

Karma was not in favor for Beverley during this game, and he was ultimately ejected after bouncing the basketball in the direction Mavs super fan Don Knobler.

Why would you pass a ball in the direction of the fans? You've got to have better composure than that as a professional athlete. He never does, though.

Losing a tooth didn't slow down Smith Jr., as he still wound up playing over 30 minutes in the ​game for the Mavs. Hockey players would be proud of his effort.