Black Panther, meet the ​Los Angeles Chargers. Veteran lineman ​Russell Okung thinks he's ready to challenge Killmonger in the trenches, announcing his university as "Wakanda Tech" in the Sunday Night Football intros prior to the game at Pittsburgh.​

​​Okung had a storied career at Oklahoma State in real life, but we assume he's proud of what he learned at Wakanda Tech, which we assume has some advanced weaponry classes.

Hopefully this Black Panther version of Okung does better at Heinz Field than the real Panthers of Carolina, a team that got absolutely whipped a few weeks back in a primetime game.

Okung isn't quite the same beast he once was back in his early days at Wakanda Tech (W. Tech for those in the know), but he can still punish an opponent. Let's see if his Chargers can punch out of an early hole and prove they belong as the true King of the AFC.