Bowl Game Selection Sunday is one of the craziest days in College Football. It's a day when fringe teams are on the edge of their seats to see which Bowl they land in, and when dominant teams sit back and see where in the top four they ultimately get to thrive.

It's also the day when the final coaches poll is revealed, and Nick Saban's ballot raised many eyebrows when it showed that he put his own team at No. 2 behind the Clemson Tigers. 

Saban was not alone in thinking that his team did not deserve the top spot, as Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi also placed the Crimson Tide at No. 2 behind Clemson. 

Whether or not Saban actually believes that he isn't coaching the best team in NCAA football remains to be seen.

It's hard to believe that he thinks that his own Crimson Tide is only second-best in the nation, after they ran the table by winning all 13 of their games this year, including two wins against top-4 opponents, and back-to-back shutout victories against ranked teams. 

Of course, what Saban says and actually believes has proven to be suspect. After Alabama's win against Georgia on Saturday night, he said that the Bulldogs deserved to be in the playoff, even though his ballot had them at No. 5. 

If you ask me, this is simply a motivational tactic to rally his team and prevent them from becoming too complacent heading into the College Football Playoffs, a "test" that they are expected to essentially sleepwalk through.