​​Bill Belichick may have finally found a white wide receiver he doesn't like. Check out the surly old ball coach jawing with Adam Thielen during a ​fourth-quarter challenge. He didn't quite like the sound of Thielen's trash talk, it would seem.

​​The Hoodie dropped the old STFU on him! My word.

Only Belichick could get this animated in a game that he was certainly winning regardless, and was leading by two TDs at the time of the outburst.

Of course, the Pats were in the middle of blowing the game open at this juncture, and proceeded to snuff out any semblance of a Vikings comeback on the two drives that followed. A nice, sweet home win wrapped up in a bow for New England, complete with Belichick getting all red in the face.

​​Duron Harmon put a capper on it, but don't make any mistake about it: this win was sealed the second that Belichick went off in Thielen's possession receiver face. He didn't show out, and the Hoodie did.

Game over.