​Tom Brady was not a physical specimen coming out of college. He was lanky, slow, and awkward. He still is, but that's besides the point. His lack of athleticism caused him to fall to the sixth round (you ever heard that before?). 

Well, he finally broke the 1,000 career rushing-yard mark on Sunday in the Patriots' matchup against the Vikings. 

It only took Brady 18 years to hit the milestone. It only took Michael Vick and Cam Newton two seasons.

But, what does it matter? This is Tom-Freaking-Brady, people. He ran a 5.28 40-yard dash. He's ​coming for all the marks this year. All of them.

Don't forget, he has had a lot of kneel downs in his career, too. That deducts a bunch of rushing yards, but it means a bunch of wins. Y204 to be exact.

What else can Brady do this year? Oh yeah, win another Super Bowl. Six rings would solidify him as the best to ever do it, and he will probably never be dethroned. ​I​t could very well happen.