​The Arizona Cardinals just essentially eliminated Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers from postseason contention by beating them 20-17. 

Losing the game was tough enough for ​Packers fans to swallow, without having to deal with the unbearable amounts of shade that the Cardinals heaped on them on Twitter.

And yes, it all started immediately. 

​​Whoever runs the Cardinals twitter account was clearly prepared for the upset, as they had the picture of the cheese ready to go right after their victory. 

Underdog, eh? No, the Cards felt like they deserved to be there.

The Cardinals took the lead from the Packers late with a field goal, but Rodgers still had a chance to come back and win the game in the last few minutes. 

And how'd that turn out?

​​Rodgers had no magic left in him to lead the Packers to a victory and the ​entire team seems to be lost and looking for answers. 

Maybe next year the Packers will be a force again, but this year is a lost one for Rodgers. 

Say cheese and die, gang.