​Bryce Harper is one of the most highly-touted free agents in the history of baseball, so naturally fans are overanalyzing every single component of his life to find some semblance of a clue as to where he may sign.

In a recent Instagram story post, Harper captured a picture of himself with a new haircut, which some believe to be proof of ​a future in the Bronx.

The ​New York Yankees famously have a "no facial hair or long hair" policy that has forced many an athlete to abandon their trademark flows (case in point, Andrew McCutchen).

Although Bryce may have met one of the criterion, that tremendous beard is going to have to go if he wants to don the New York pinstripes next year. Just ask Johnny Damon, who infamously removed his trademark beard when leaving the Red Sox to join the Yanks.

​​Regardless of the haircut that the free-agent outfielder received, no one has any idea where Harp's poised to make his next set of millions. After all, he was just seen ​hanging out with Kris Bryant this offseason, which has led many to believe the Chicago Cubs could be his top destination -- another team that has said they aren't going to spend big before 2019.

Even though he may have gone for a Yankees-type style with his most recent cut, Harper's Instagram story is far from solid evidence as to where he will likely sign.