Last year's National Championship ended in amazing fashion for Alabama fans, as their team overcame an early deficit with the help of then-backup quarterback Tua Tagovailoa en route to their fifth championship since 2009. 

Although their team earned the win, one member of the Crimson Tide was left in emotional shambles by the game: former starting quarterback Jalen Hurts, pulled just prior to the comeback.

​​Clearly Hurts took those words to heart, because rather than transferring, the quarterback elected to stay with the program that had shoved him aside and work his way back into the spotlight.

All of that hard work payed off this past weekend in the ​SEC Championship Game, as now-starter Tagovailoa went down with an injury and Hurts had to step in and lead his team to a comeback victory.

He was nearly flawless. All he did was fight.

​​Of course, Hurts would have preferred to start for the entirety of the season, but in regards to how his college career could have ended this is as close to a fairy tale as it gets. 

With the college football playoff steadily approaching, is there a chance we could see more of the senior as the season comes to a close? Absolutely, as he has proven himself as an elite commodity and head coach ​Nick Saban is far from afraid of shaking things up.

If Tua's ankle doesn't hold, Jalen will be ready to battle.