​Kareem Hunt was released from the Chiefs this weekend following a video surfacing in which he ​assaulted a woman. While Hunt has received a ton of backlash for his actions, one ex-NFL player who knows what the 23-year-old is going through offered his support.


Former Ravens running back ​Ray Rice, who was bounced from the league in similar fashion to Hunt after a video was released of him punching his then-girlfriend, offered his support for the ex-Chiefs star. Rice told Ian Rapoport that he wants to help Hunt as he goes through this troubling time. 

Rice found himself in a similar situation to Hunt, having been caught on video assaulting a woman in a hotel elevator. Rice has atoned for his past mistakes and is hoping to help Hunt going forward.  Rice knows what it's like to be viewed as a villain following a huge mistake, but he has made the right steps towards redeeming himself. 

Rice wants to help Hunt prepare for the future and assist him in growing and moving past this incident. It will take a long time for people to forgive Hunt, and rightfully so, but he's just 23-years-old and unlike Rice, will likely be given the chance to play in the league again.