A bad week turns worse for star running back Kareem Hunt. The former Kansas City Chief was released from the team after a video surfaced of him shoving and kicking a woman at an Ohio hotel back in February, and the NFL has been investigating his situation as they figure out a punishment.

It looks like they've stumbled upon something more. The league reportedly has found evidence of a second incident involving a violent Hunt.

Jeez. What other skeletons does this guy have in his closet? 

The second incident, which allegedly occurred in June, accuses Hunt of punching a man at an Ohio parking lot. The new revelation could add even more games to a suspension that was suspected to be at least six for violation of the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy.

Hunt, of course, still remains unemployed after being released. Teams are free to claim him off of waivers...but at the cost of what will surely be the ire of fans across the country. The Washington Redskins know this best after picking up troubled linebacker Reuben Foster just last week.

With this new information, it's fair to ask if  Hunt will play at all next season. He'll likely be out for the rest fo 2018 as the NFL conducts its investigation and, depending on the mercy of the league, could get nailed for these two incidents in 2019. 

The outcome of this, like where Hunt will go, how long he'll be out, and for what is certainly going to be headline material for months. Now, we can only sit back and wait for new information to break.

One thing is certain: Kareem Hunt messed up.