It's been 16 long years that Marvin Lewis has served as the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. And shall we divulge what he's done in that timeframe? 

Nothing. Nada. No playoff victories. But, that may not matter anymore considering a new report that the Bengals could be moving on from their longtime man.

Things have apparently changed within the organization and Lewis' future is reportedly in doubt within Cincinnati.

Since 2003, Lewis' teams have gone 130-118, have played in seven playoff games, and have no postseason victories. But for some reason, he couldn't be touched. Now, at 5-6 in 2018 after dropping three straight, the veteran coach seems to have lost the ultimate protection that he once had.

Fans and analysts around the nation have been questioning Lewis' employment with the Bengals for quite a while now; after all, several other coaches have had shorter lifelines. The biggest issue is that Lewis hasn't had a postseason victory, which is something most find egregious about his ongoing tenure. 

Honestly, this doubt should've been at its peak at around the 5-year mark; a time in which Lewis only had one playoff appearance. To go 16 years without a win in the playoffs, though? How has this taken so long?

The important information is that it could all be over soon. Perhaps  Bengals fans will finally find the man who can take advantage of the highly skilled roster they have.