Kareem Hunt has had himself a terrible week, and rightfully so. 

Following the emergence of security camera footage from an Ohio hotel which showed the Kansas City Chiefs running back physically abusing a woman, Hunt's team released him. Additionally, he's been placed on the Commissioner's Exempt list and cannot play until an investigation of his actions has been conducted.

Now, the public has an idea of what kind of suspension Hunt will face for the incident back in February.

After violating the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy, Hunt will likely be serving a suspension of at least six games, and probably even more. That's because the league is reportedly looking into another incident that Hunt was involved in back in June. Depending on the investigation's outcome, Hunt could be gone for a long while.

Of course, Hunt isn't even on a roster right now after being cut by the Chiefs. The NFL doesn't have the best reputation for letting that last long, though. The Washington Redskins just recently picked Reuben Foster up after his second accusal of domestic violence. Adrian Peterson, a child abuser, still has a job. Hunt probably won't be unemployed for long.

But for certain, he will be suspended for some time. And unless something totally unforeseen happens in this investigation, Hunt will be back too. It'll be interesting to see which team picks him up and how they'll  defend themselves against the inevitable backlash. 

There's no room in the NFL for abusers. That is, there shouldn't be any room. But time and time again, franchises have contradicted that value with their actions. Let's see who does it this time.