One of the worst defenses in the entire league will not be getting a much-needed boost this week.

After ​Eric Berry returned to the practice field for the first time since August (Berry has not been active since rupturing his achilles in the first game of the season against the ​New England Patriots in 2017), many believed that the five-time Pro Bowl safety would finally make his long-awaited return to the game day lineup.  

Unfortunately, this week's practice was not enough for Berry to get the green light, as he will most likely be out for the ​Kansas City Chiefs' Week 13 matchup versus the ​Oakland Raiders.

Berry, being the competitor that he is, would have probably played today if the Chiefs were playing a high-caliber team or in the playoffs. Instead, Kansas City is up against one of the worst teams in the NFL in the Raiders.

The impact of not having Berry on defense has been noticeable to say the least for the Chiefs. On a weekly basis, Kansas City's defense is getting demolished by opposing passing and running games. With Berry, things should improve (at least in the secondary).

What has kept the Chiefs in games this year is their offense. With their defense giving up so many points, ​Patrick Mahomes has had to lift the Chiefs to victory in almost every game this year. 

Mahomes will have to put the Chiefs on his back even more now that ​Kareem Hunt is off the roster. Hunt was cut after security footage was released showing the running back kicking and shoving a woman back in February. Replacing Hunt at tailback is Spencer Ware.

The Chiefs have officially hit a rough patch in their season.