​​Robinson Cano is quite nearly an official member of the New York Mets pending a physical, and we are finally beginning to get some of the final details of the trade.

We already knew the players that were going to be involved in the deal, but what was unclear was just how much money was coming to the New York Mets to help alleviate the weight of Cano's contract. Now, we finally have that information, per insider Joel Sherman:

​​Mets fans are probably irate reading this news because it was reported that the ​Mets would be getting $60 million from the Mariners, not just $20 million. But every little bit helps given that Cano is owned a total of $120 on the remainder of his contract.

While the Mets did not get that $60 million that was reported, that would have been a lot of money when you consider the $37 million in salary that the Mariners are absorbing by taking on the bad contracts of Jay Bruce and Anthony Swarzak off the Mets hands. 

Once you take that money out of the equation, the Mets are essentially paying Cano $63 million over five years, which is surely more then he would get on the market as a 36-year-old, but in now way the albatross that it could have been.