​The ​emergence of the Braves surprised many around the MLB in 2018. Just about everyone on the roster had to step up in their own way to help ​win the NL East division title.

As the old cliche goes: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Given their recent success, Atlanta wants to make sure that they don't let anyone on their current roster slip away. They made sure of that by tendering a contract to all 40 eligible players on their roster.

Even outfielder Adam Duvall, who ​many people thought was a guarantee to be non-tendered, is coming back in 2019. Their already strong roster will be kept intact, along with the former All-Stars they have already signed early this offseason.

​Brian McCann and ​Josh Donaldson will be two new faces in Atlanta next year. Both have struggled with dips in production due to injuries recently, but now have a chance to start fresh on a team that could be a perennial contender for the next few years. They will join emerging star ​Ronald Acuna Jr. and MVP contender ​Freddie Freeman in headlining this potent lineup.

As of right now, the Braves will head into the upcoming season as the favorites to once again capture the NL East. Their stacked team has only gotten better so far this offseason, while the  other teams in their division haven't done much yet.

The ​Mets could still pull off a blockbuster and the ​Phillies are still prepared to spend stupid money, but right now, the their path to the division title still runs through Atlanta.