The Kansas City Chiefs have dropped the hammer on ​Kareem Hunt, and are avoiding a PR nightmare in the process.

After a disturbing video was released Friday afternoon revealing the extent of Hunt's assault on a woman in a Cleveland hotel in February, ​Kansas City was left with few alternatives.

Hunt is an All-Pro running back, and this surely will not be an easy on-field hit for the Super Bowl contender Chiefs to take. Nonetheless, it's essential given how the league is viewed in the public eye, and shows KC is not playing around regarding violence towards women.

In the meantime, Spencer Ware is likely to take over the majority of the carries.

This decision goes far beyond football. The league and Chiefs knew of the Hunt incident as early as this offseason, but clearly underestimated the extent of the charges against him. 

Still, this does not completely clear the NFL or the Chiefs in their mismanagement of this situation. If it's proven that either side knew this video existed and didn't do everything in their power to bring it to light, it will effectively prove they cast a blind eye to a damaging situation.