​​Jered Weaver, for all of his success with the ​Los Angeles Angels, never gave off any sort of intimidation. The lanky 6-foot-7 pitcher that was generously listed at 210 pounds with sit comfortably in the low 80s with his fastball. However, as Seattle Mariners third baseman ​Kyle Seager found out, Weaver wasn't afraid to drill you if he felt you were taking too long in the box. 

​​Weaver plunked Seager with ALL of his 83 mph for some pretty deliberate time-wasting. As the full video below confirms, Weaver was tossed from that game. As cool as it was, you can't throw at a guy's elbow because he takes a while to get ready.

​​Seager and the Mariners got the last laugh as they rode six innings of one-run ball from Hisashi Iwakuma to get the 3-1 win in this game.

Seager, who was 27 at the time, learned a very important lesson; Jered Weaver is not to be messed with.