​Kareem Hunt is deservedly in ​hot water after a video emerged of the star running back attacking a woman--shoving and kicking her in the aftermath--outside his Cleveland apartment in February.

The NFL reportedly knew about this incident, but the sudden release of the video has caught the league and Chiefs by surprise. More relevant details are just not beginning to emerge, and while they don't exonerate Hunt for his actions by any measure whatsoever, they do explain why he was angry in the moment.

The woman in question was reportedly yelling racist obscenities at Hunt after being kicked out of the apartment, located inside the Metropolitan at the 9 hotel complex. This should not lighten the criticism of Hunt's reaction, as the star running back's violent actions are inconceivable and unacceptable regardless of the slurs being hurled at him.

​Kansas City reportedly sent Hunt home after the release of the video pending further action. Given how the NFL has reacted to domestic violence and violence against women in recent years, a suspension could be looming.

The NFL must take action, and the court of public opinion will never be 100 percent satisfied with the result. Nonetheless, we continue to learn more about the incident and ​its vital not to rush to judgement even in our immediate disgust