There have been plenty of trade rumors regarding the pitchers of the Cleveland Indians this offseason, and this news points to their game plan for the future. 

The Indians are looking to extend righty Carlos Carrasco to lock him up for the next few seasons, making the 31-year-old a key part of their rotation moving forward.

​​This likely means that they'll be looking to trade one of their other star pitchers in either Trevor Bauer or Corey Kluber. Bauer appears more likely to stay in Cleveland, although rumors have circulated that they would be ​willing to trade him

Kluber is most likely gone if the Indians can extend Carrasco, and he'd be a great pickup for teams like the ​Dodgers or the Braves. Though the same could be said of Bauer if that's the route they want to take. 

We'll have to wait and see what the Indians decide to do with their star pitchers, but it's looking very unlikely that all three of Carrasco, Bauer, and Kluber will be on their roster next season. 

The ​MLB offseason is cruising along, and there's plenty more yet in store for us.