Kareem Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs is under fire after a video was released showcasing the star running back physically attacking a woman inside a Cleveland hotel back in February. In an absolutely disgusting turn of events for one of the NFL's best players, many are calling for Hunt to be suspended. Well, in addition to security footage, the world has also obtained access to police body cams from after this incident. Check it out below: 

In the video, Hunt briefly speaks with police officers, followed by the victim and a small group of Hunt's friends. The woman in question alleges that Hunt and his group stole her cell phone and wouldn't allow her to call her friends, nor the police, after she was worried about how she would be getting home from the Cleveland hotel. 

That's when a woman from Hunt's group got physical with her, the victim claims, and then Hunt himself got involved.

Hunt's group of friends had a different story. According to them, the 19-year-old was harassing them after they requested that she leave their room. Apparently, she wanted money to get home and was heavily inebriated as she interacted with Hunt's party. They also allege that the victim resulted to calling members of the group the n-word.

Of course, it doesn't matter what started the fight. There's indisputable evidence that shows Hunt attacking the woman within the hotel; an act that is never acceptable.

The real question is what the ​Chiefs will do with this new information, especially in light of the Reuben Foster situation in Washington after the 49ers cut him.