​The Kansas City Chiefs have a serious decision to make. Running back ​Kareem Hunt, known as one of the brightest young skill players in the NFL, was reported to have taken part in an ugly incident in a ​Cleveland hotel back in February involving a 19-year-old woman. While the Chiefs were made aware of the episode, the team made no indication that disciplinary action would be taken against Hunt. But now, TMZ has gotten their hands on surveillance footage. And it is shocking:

You can plainly see Hunt shoving the woman, and then, after being held back by others, shoving a member of his party into her. Once the victim was on the ground, he's seen kicking her while totally defenseless.

Anyone with half a heart knows how terrible this is. How wrong it is.

Nobody who behaves this way should be allowed to see a professional football field. 

Is a Kareem Hunt suspension coming? That would be the right place to start. Expect swift action from the Chiefs and the NFL-- and per TMZ, law enforcement submitted this damning footage to local prosectors as evidence.