Wizards big man ​​Dwight Howard has been hampered throughout the season by gluteal problems. ​That is to say, "a pain in the butt." 

The saga may finally be reaching it's (rear) end, however, based on the latest reporting from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. Witness the most important #WojBomb that you will read today:

We joke, but the issue here is significant enough that if Howard does opt for surgery, it could cost him a major chunk of the season. That's the kind of discomfort we're talking about here, which was evaluated by a Los Angeles-based nerve specialist, per Woj.

The problem is focused on the piriformis, a small muscle located behind the gluteus maximus. But, nothing is truly all that small when you're as gigantic as Dwight Howard, and the Wizards surely feel like enough is enough at this point.

No ifs, ands, or butts about it.