Football players are tough, we know this.

What we may not know, however, is the extent of this toughness for some player​s, but Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott may have just given ​NFL fans a bit of insight.

Clearly, Prescott's hand has see​​n better days, but the young quarterback continues to play regardless. Not only is Dak staying in the game, but he is also performing well. 

Right before his injury, though, he threw this dime. Take a look for yourself: 

Having a quarterback with the toughness that Prescott has displayed has been crucial for the Cowboys these past few years, as in years past Dallas would always seem to be eliminated from playoff contention by a ​Tony Romo back issue of some sort. 

The Cowboys have been hot as of late, and with one of the best teams in the NFL in the New Orleans Saints in town, Dallas is going to need its quarterback to display some of his trademark grit in order for them to pull off an upset.