There is nothing more sad than the premature death of someone with a bright future ahead of them, but unfortunately it is an unavoidable facet of life.

​Vanderbilt University tight end Turner Cockrell has tragically passed away at the far to young age of 21 after a lengthy battle with Melanoma.

​​Born and raised in Ackrell, Cockrell worked tirelessly to establish his status as one of the best football prospects in the state of ​Georgia. His hard work on and off of the field culminated in a scholarship to Vanderbilt University, where he would serve as an inspirational force for the team while sidelined due to his illness.

Throughout his tenure with the university's football team, Cockrell never saw the field, but that is not to say that his impact was not felt throughout the locker room and community. 

In this period of mourning, our thoughts go out to Turner's family and friends, as Cockrell may be gone, but he will not be forgotten.