It's been open season on Aaron Rodgers this year, and rightfully so. That's what happens when you're expected to contend for a Super Bowl and sit under .500 this late in the season. 

That doesn't mean the year is over and that Rodgers has had his last say. He has a chance to silence all his haters, and his veteran wideout believe he will. Yeah, we're looking at you,  Skip.

Randall Cobb believes Rodgers is fired up about everything that has been said about him and his team this past week and that he's going to light it up on Sunday.

Oh boy, lighting up the Arizona Cardinals? Here we go. 

It would have been nice for Rodgers to light up the Minnesota Vikings last week in a crucial divisional matchup, or the Seahawks in a game that had a ton of Wild Card value behind it, or against New England in the battle of the GOATs, but sure, a win against the Cardinals will be enough. 

His inability to beat superior competition is what's ailing Rodgers, as he himself will tell you it isn't because of his fundamentals. 

Having Cobb back should​ definitely help Rodgers put up some big numbers. If Cobb is wrong, Rodgers and the Packers are going to hear more grief from the media than ever before.