Is Steph Curry the most likable ​superstar on the planet? We're finding it hard to believe anyone can hate the man, especially when he does things like this. The guy is reminding us why the holiday season is so great. 

After receiving a fan letter from a young girl asking why the Under Armour Curry 5's are not sold in girl's sizes, ​Curry responded to her with a letter of his own.

And it's simply fantastic. 

​​Bravo, Steph. You're truly a class act. According to the man himself, the Under Armour website had mislabeled some of the smaller sizes as "boys", despite being wearable by girls as well. There was no ill intention here from anyone involved. 

Not only did he clarify that, but he also decided to send her a pair of Curry 5's, and promised her she'd be one of the first kids to receive the unreleased Curry 6's. He also invited her to ​Oakland to celebrate a special event for International Women's Day. That's certainly one way to make someone a fan for life. 

Steph Curry continues to set an example of how to lead both off and on the court, and he surely made this little girl's day. The ​NBA is lucky to have Curry as one of the faces of the league.

Keep being you, Steph. He's someone youngsters across the world should look up to.