​The Washington Redskins are suffering from a public relations nightmare after claiming former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster, despite his recent arrest for domestic violence.

Senior Vice President of Player Personnel Doug Williams has been on the defensive after the acquisiton. However, he's sticking by it, claiming that there was nobody "in his room" that was against the move. Not only that, but he was willing to take the PR beating.

Williams has said that the Redskins are hoping that what has been reported was not true. However, the more telling thing to come out of Williams' statement was that he said there are "people in high, high, high, high places who have done much worse," than Foster. Dude, what? 

​​The Redskins have received plenty of hate for their decision, as they did not contact Tampa Bay police regarding the incident prior to putting in a claim for Foster. 

After bringing in Foster, Washington sent out a statement saying they talked to Foster's teammates from Alabama, who vouched for them. Meanwhile, defensive end Jonathan Allen and safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix told the media that ​team executives didn't speak to them about Foster.

Williams and the Redskins are letting the media and NFL fans know that they are doing their proper research before ​deciding whether he can play or not. However, Williams' latest comments will rile up those who are against the signing of Foster due to his checkered past.