​The Patrick Corbin tour across the east coast continued Thursday with a visit to Yankee Stadium. The New York Yankees decided to imitate the ​Philadelphia Phillies and put up a graphic of Corbin in their uniform on the scoreboard.

​​While Corbin met with the Phillies and ​Washington Nationals earlier this week, the Yankees have made him their top priority in terms of signing a free agent. Putting up an image of him in the famous Yankee pinstripes is a good start to their attempts to woo him in New York. 

Additionally, Corbin isn't necessarily a top priority for the other teams he's met with so far. 

​​While it's still early in the off-season and a lot can happen, it wouldn't be surprising to see Corbin sign with the Yankees. However, things can certainly change in a heartbeat. 

For now though, the Yankees are doing everything in their power (other than possibly make an offer) to make sure Corbin is wearing Yankee pinstripes in 2019.