​For a team like the Washington Redskins to be so quick to give alleged domestic abuser Reuben Foster a second (or third) chance, they don't seem too confident that the linebacker will even put on their uniform. Head coach Jay Gruden certainly has his doubts.

If somehow you haven't heard by now, the San Francisco 49ers dropped Foster after being accused of domestic violence for the second time this year, and Washington did not hesitate to bring the troubled young man in.

He may not be there for long, though, according to Gruden.

"There’s no guarantee he’s ever going to play here, to be honest with you," Gruden said. "He’s got a lot of work to do — personally, with the team, with the NFL, with himself — before he even thinks about playing football again.”

Foster has been placed on the Commissioner's Exempt list, meaning he can't play in any games or practices until an investigation into the allegations against him have been completed. So no, he may not ever play in ​Washington depending on the results of the findings. 

If it were up to the Redskins themselves, though, that decision may be different. ​Washington clearly cared not about the allegations surrounding Foster when they almost immediately brought him in as a free agent. If it were up to them, he'd be practicing for Sunday already.

An investigation is in the works and recent news of Foster's accuser participating in it should help everyone find the truth soon.