If the Mets actually manage to get an elite closer without surrendering too much value​ just because they're also bringing on a Hall of Fame talent in his declining years, you have to give them a standing ovation.

According to reports Thursday morning, an ​Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano package is now expected to land with ​the Mets when the dust settles. No longer just a fairy tale.

​​Obviously, there are plenty of hurdles remaining, and Cano would have to waive his no-trade to head to New York's other team, but expectations are he will.

​​Also, don't laugh, but the salary breakdown actually seems...favorable for the Mets?

​​Theoretically, Jay Bruce would still head Seattle's way to offset some obligations, but much of Cano's money would come later in the deal, when New York's other pricey mistakes will be long gone.

Depending on the caliber of prospect New York is forced to attach, this deal may be downgraded from "massive win" to "still pretty big win," but this seems to be a phenomenal deal for Brodie Van Wagenen early in his days at the helm.

Of course, there's always someone to throw cold water on the flames.

Let's hope for things to change quickly.

It's hard to believe even the rebuilding Mariners would be so willing to give up Edwin Diaz as the second piece in a salary reset. With all due respect, that's a Mets-like disaster.