The Miami Dolphins are a mess, and their passing game is to blame.

After kicking off the season on a three-game winning streak, Miami flamed out and has gone just 3-6 since. At the center of this disastrous season is -- as usual -- their quarterback situation, as the ​Dolphins rank just 27th in passing offense

Due to their struggles, starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill has now shared that he hasn't been confirmed as the No. 1 QB in South Florida heading into next season.

Tannehill has been the definition of a mediocre quarterback in his seven years in the league, showing flashes of above-average play only to regress to the mean time and time again. 

Head coach Adam Gase seems to be waking up to this reality, and it showed during Sunday's loss to Indianapolis in which he showed a blatant lack of trust in his signal-caller in his team's last possession

Tannehill is not set to be a free agent until 2021, and carries a $26.6 million cap hit for next season, but the Dolphins could still decide to move on from him and free up $13 million in cap space. 

Even eating a large portion of salary would be worth it, as the Dolphins have to move on from Tannehill. It's been too long, and nothing has substantially changed. His chances have run out.