So you know how ​the Washington Redskins went and claimed Reuben Foster just days after the San Francisco 49ers dropped him in the wake of a domestic violence arrest? Well, it turns out that Washinton's quick decision to sign the troubled player is even worse than it initially appeared.

Apparently, the Redskins didn't even bother to get in contact with Foster's accuser, ex-girlfriend Elissa Ennis, or her lawyer, before snagging him off waivers. That's a massive self-inflicted error, folks.

According to Ennis' lawyer, Adante Pointer, neither he nor his client got any calls from the Redskins as part of their alleged due diligence. No check-in. No asking for the whole story. Nothing.

“The NFL and its teams have a long history of supporting players with domestic violence issues, so it’s not a surprise to us; however, it is a disappointment,” said Pointer.

​Foster has now been accused twice by his ex-girlfriend of domestic violence, the first of which allegedly took place in February. Those charges were dropped when the accuser recanted and claimed her story was a part of an apparent scheme to get money out of Foster. Now, she's back to say that the current Redskins pushed and slapped her last weekend.

So, what's the issue? Just the simple fact that the Redskins couldn't care less about the validity of the accuser's claims and are setting an example in the NFL where abusers have no trouble whatsoever finding work. That, and the fact that the team insisted that it spoke with friends and former teammate's of Foster in order to evaluate his character.

The sad thing is that all it would've taken was a phone call. That's how little Washington cares about their alleged abuser actually being an abuser. They don't care how it looks as long as it benefits them.

Once again: good going, NFL.