The Washington Redskins appear to have been caught completely red-handed. 

That isn't meant to be a pun about the team's name as much as a shot at their current issue after signing Reuben Foster. This team did everything in its power to make this seem like a legit decision, as they did their "due diligence," per the official release. Turns out, though, that parts of the assessment were completely fabricated, it would seem.

The Redskins were caught in a lie, as the Alabama players touted as backing Foster's character say they were never actually contacted about the former Crimson Tide 'backer.

There's no way they could get out of this in any other direction. 

The Redskins dug a hole for themselves when they signed Foster in the first place, but pretty much reached the depth of the earth's core when they said they talked to Alabama players about their former teammate. It's right there in the team statement, claiming they apparently received "overwhelming support". 

He never played with Clinton-Dix, who is an Alabama man, but was teammates with Jonathan Allen for three years. How can you consider it support if someone who played with him for that long didn't say a single word about it?

They never mentioned players who may have actually said this about him, although there is still room for error. The Redskins have a large amount of Alabama players on their roster, such as Ryan Anderson, Shaun Dion Hamilton, and Da'Ron Payne, who all went to Alabama and played with Foster.

Still, I'm skeptical they would've contacted some of his former teammates and not all of them.