Michigan was sitting on cloud nine a week ago at this time. What a difference a few days makes. 

The nation received a message this past weekend when Ohio State thumped Michigan handily, but that wasn't the only message sent out. The NFL got one as well about the man who was behind center for the losing team. 

Shea Patterson proved he wasn't NFL ready this weekend. 

You can't really call him a top prospect at this point after what you just saw.

Against Ohio State he had the second-lowest completion percentage of the season, the second game in a row passing under 60 percent on an offense that was presumed to be rolling. He had a costly interception and threw for under 200 yards in the national spotlight. 

He might not have been the entire reason why they lost, but it wasn't a game that will excite NFL teams as he plans to declare for the draft.

He has the ability to wait a year. This might be a weak draft when it comes to quarterbacks, but that doesn't mean teams are going to reach on him.

Patterson doesn't just need revenge against Ohio State. He needs to build up his resume so people forget that he couldn't get it done against a real defense.