Dwight Howard's got a persistent pain in the you-know-what.​

The Washington Wizards center has been out the past week with a glute injury, causing him to miss the ​last four Wizards games

What we originally thought Dwight was suffering from was just a run of the mill sore glute, albeit a particularly slow healing one. ​​Now, it appears that the injury might be more serious than initially thought after Wizards coach Scott Brooks revealed that Howard hasn't made any progress in recovery from his injury at all. 

In fact, he's seeing a nerve specialist in Los Angeles and is away from the team.

This might be concerning for Howard if the feeling doesn't come back in his rear end sometime soon, as his career may hang in the balance should that be the case.

That said, he's already got enough to worry about, with a ​recent allegations surrounding his personal life making the rounds in the media.​​


While we're not sure whether that second point is believable or not, what's sure is Howard's glute is hurting, and we hope it feels better soon. The league is more fun when he's on the court, but for more dramatic reasons.