​We might see history on Sunday. But first, we'd have to see some history Saturday.

Browns offensive coordinator and Alabama alum Freddie Kitchens has made a bet with running back and Georgia alum Nick Chubb. If UGA beats Alabama on Saturday, Kitchens will let Chubb call plays for the Browns on Sunday.

Talk about a wild weekend.

Firstly, Kitchens is making a fairly safe bet here. ​The Crimson Tide have been absolutely stunning this season. They're 12-0 and look as if they've had some secret NCAA cheat code. They're really good. Surprised? Nope.

The Bulldogs are good, too. They're 11-1, but are nowhere near the same level of talent as Alabama. UGA's secondary may be the only unit that's better than Alabama's. There are just too many superstars on the field, and they're led by the best college coach of all time (duh). I'd say Kitchens has this one locked up.

​​But there's always a chance, right? ​Imagine if Georgia does pull it off. If Kitchens lives up to the bet, Chubb could prove his worth as a coach. He could give up being a player and become the youngest coordinator of all time at 22 years old. History made.

I kid, there's no chance Chubb gets that responsibility. But, it's fun to dream.