They say when it rains it pours,​ and if you're Arizona Diamondbacks center fielder A.J. Pollock, you're hoping that adage extends to MLB free agent contracts.

The 30-year old one-time All Star is a free agent this offseason, joining huge targets like Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. Pollock is already drawing interest from several teams, though one impediment stands in the way of any Pollock deal: he wants way too much money. 

Pollock is seeking a deal similar to the five-year/$80 Million contract that Lorenzo Cain signed with Milwaukee last year, according to reports.

The only problem? ​Lorenzo Cain is an MVP-caliber player. A.J. Pollock is not, and can't stay healthy.

Listen, I'm not saying that A.J. Pollock is a bad player by any means--his 2015 season showed us that he's got talent. But outside that one season, he's never played a full year and hit higher than .269. That's not enough production to justify that amount of money.

But that might not stop some teams from investing in Pollock...say, the Phillies maybe?

​​The Phils have already said they're ready to be "a little bit stupid" this offseason, and giving that much money to Pollock would fall under that category.

So who knows? Maybe A.J. will end up getting the money he wants. I just hope he likes cheesesteaks.