​The Atlanta Braves took full advantage of Cyber Monday, jumpstarting their free agent pursuits in the blink of an eye by adding Brian McCann and ​Josh Donaldson in one short afternoon.

So what's the next step?

​Turns out, ​Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos has plenty on his plate, and much like the December snow, he doesn't show signs of stopping.

Yes, he'd like to add a top starter, back-end option, and a solid outfielder who can at least mimic Nick Markakis' production (and where's he going?).

If you've got Craig Kimbrel dreams, that "late-inning reliever" proclamation will only further wake up your senses, but Anthopoulos is also here to toss a little water on that fire.​​

Who knows how to parse those comments, in reality? After all, every GM says they don't want to spend big money on a closer or an emotional homecoming...until they realize they have the cash for it overnight, and make something happen.

This could rightly turn into a Philly vs. Atlanta bidding war for Kimbrel soon enough, and if the loser in that battle wanted to steal Joe Kelly from Boston, too, that might be beneficial.

Hold on, Braves fans. Your team has plenty more holiday shopping to do.