​Don't worry, ​MLB fans. While we wait for more big signings and trades, we have Houston Astros slugger Alex Bregman and Cleveland Indians starter Trevor Bauer providing some entertainment in the meantime.

We all know how the playoff series between these two teams went down. The Astros swept the Indians in the ALDS and it wasn't even close, and ​Bregman reminded Bauer of that after the Indians pitcher was being a wisenheimer on Twitter.

Sorry, Trevor, we can't hear you from that bodybag that was just zipped up over your face.

Boom. Roasted.

Bauer has known to be a troll on social media, as we've seen with a ​number of his exchanges, but he's no match for Bregman, who has eviscerated people in the past for their criticism, crudeness and/or irrationality. Just because Bauer is a peer of his in the league doesn't mean he's any different.

Now, we wait for 2019 to see if Bregman jacks one off Bauer or if Bauer decides to throw some sweet chin music at Bregman when the two meet.