Reuben Foster is simply not a good person​. 

Regardless of how talented he may be at football, his storied history of domestic violence and overall poor character have shown that he's by no means a man of decent moral standing, making it all the more puzzling why he still has a job in the ​NFL.

​​Foster has been accused of striking women in the past and his hot-headedness even got him kicked out of the NFL scouting combine, so ​why would the Redskins even think of picking him up?

The situation becomes even more puzzling when viewed in sequence with the fact that this is the same Washington team that refused to sign free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick less than a week earlier following the ​horrific injury sustained by Alex Smith

Kaepernick knelt in non-violent protest and Foster physically harmed several women. Which one do you think should still have a job?

Seems like it's a trend in Washington!

The league pretends to care about the issues at hand, but clearly doesn't execute when it's time to step up to the plate.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what the issue is here, yet we continue to let it get progressively worse.

Should Colin Kaepernick have a job in the NFL right now? Probably. And the fact that a man like Reuben Foster can be employed while Kaepernick sits at home is sickening.

​​The league needs to take a good long look in the mirror and correct this disgusting double standard.