Unfortunately for NBA fans, Steph Curry has had to put his MVP-caliber season on pause for the past eight games after succumbing to an ankle injury. On the bright side, however, that pause may be nearing its end.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr stated on Tuesday that he believes Curry is most likely to return to the court this Saturday against the ​Detroit Pistons.

Curry's return will be huge for this Warriors team that has been "struggling" (by their standards) in his absence. Without Curry, Golden State has lost five of eight games, including a four-game losing streak, which is the longest for the team since 2013.

Although Durant may be considered Golden State's best player, the Warriors are clearly Steph Curry's team, and his absence is showing that.

Durant may be stepping up for the Warriors in an attempt to fill Curry's void, but the team is suffering regardless. Curry may understandably have ​other things on his my right now aside from basketball, but for the Warriors' sake, he needs to return as soon as possible.