Everything was looking up for Virginia Tech this season. With a potential lottery pick, a slew of returning studs, and an established coaching staff making up a promising Hokies basketball program, what could go wrong?

Apparently an early-season game to the Penn State Nittany Lions. 

​​Led by an impressive 18-point effort from freshman guard Myreon Jones, State was able to sneak a win past the No. 13-ranked team in the country.

Although an impressive showing from the boys in blue, this game was less a display of ​Penn State's skill and more a showing of Tech's lack thereof.

It was a tough scene for the Hokies, as only four of their seven players who posted minutes scored, but believe it or not, things may only be getting worse. After an upcoming easy stretch on the Virginia Tech schedule, ACC play will begin soon, meaning things will only get tougher.

​UVA, UNC, Miami, Duke, and FSU are all on the Hokies' list of upcoming games, and if the team plays how it did tonight, you can mark all of those down as a loss right now. If Tech wants any hope this season, they cannot be losing games like this one, as the road ahead will only continue to get bumpier.