​The MLB offseason is in full swing, and rumors are the bread and butter before all the big signings and trades go down. Now, we can add another big one to the ongoing list.

The AL Central champion-Cleveland Indians are reportedly more willing to trade Trevor Bauer over their other star pitchers. Does that mean Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco are safe, or is the Tribe simply trying to explore all of their options?

The ​Indians were originally reported to be more inclined to trade Kluber or Carrasco in talks with other teams at the start of the offseason, but it seems that wasn't the focal point of the team's plans. 

​Bauer is younger than the other two pitchers, and has plenty of room to grow. Kluber is currently the Indians' second-highest paid player, so moving him to another team made more sense when analyzing trade talks and the team's offseason priorities.

Bauer is set to cost a lot of money for the Indians over the next couple of seasons via arbitration, so money-wise, moving him would be the best move for the organization. On the other hand, Bauer is just about to enter his prime, and may end up being very well worth the cash. 

Will Bauer end up on a different team next ​season? It all depends on what the Indians could get in return.