Whether we like it or not, football is a naturally violent sport. The way the game is played fosters such play in a way that's unavoidable. That being said, sometimes people go too far. Plays like this one are far from the natural violence of the sport and hold no place in the game. Everyone would agree this is a true disgrace.

A player in a high school football game held at MetLife Stadium (home of the New York Giants and Jets) has not only crossed the line, but almost ended the career of his opponent with his ​dirty play.

Chop blocks are an illegal move in the ​NFL on the offensive side, where they actually serve a purpose, so to see it utilized on an extra point on the defensive with no purpose other than to harm a player is disgusting.

​Intentionally harming others holds no place in football at any level of the game, and this player should be punished accordingly. There is no excuse for this, as the health and safety of all those involved should always remain the number one priority.