As if the name "​Redskins" wasn't problematic enough...

Just days after an arrest for an alleged domestic assault involving ex-girlfriend Elissa Ennis, Reuben Foster was ​waived by the San Francisco 49ers. Now, he's reportedly been ​claimed by the Washington Redskins. The fact that Foster was claimed off of waivers is disgraceful considering that this is far from the first run-in with the law that the 24-year-old has experienced. 

The Redskins desperately need to reconsider their latest acquisition. No fan base wants to root for a player who has displayed such consistent character issues and shown no intention of bettering themselves as an individual. While Foster is innocent until proven guilty in this latest incident, it's clear that some teams are more willing to ignore his questionable past in order to improve their team.

And that's a total disgrace, if merely for the optics alone.

This is a practice that desperately needs to be shamed out of the NFL. The league has faced backlash over the past few years for their handling of player discipline, and domestic abuse has been a recurring issue for the league. The fact that a player can be arrested for a heinous crime such as that and be picked up by a new team in just a few days is shameful. 

I'm not calling Foster an awful person to his core; people make mistakes, and he hasn't been found guilty by a jury of his peers. But the situation certainly does not favor the former Alabama star. If I'm a Washington fan, I would be heated that my team would deem it acceptable to pick this player up with so many crucial questions still unanswered. It's far from his first strike, but because of his talent he has been given multiple opportunities to make the right choices. 

And even then, he has failed to stay out of trouble. 

This will not be a popular move from the Redskins organization, and their own fan base will be quick to jump on their decision to bring in the troubled linebacker. For a team on the brink of making the playoffs, Foster could help them achieve their goals, but is that the way the fans want to make the postseason? 

Foster is also facing a possible suspension from the league as a result of his recent arrest.

Is this just another incident of an NFL team caring more about winning football games than having integrity? The vicious cycle continues to repeat itself.