​The ​Cowboys are preparing for one of their most difficult tests of the season, as they will host the 10-1 ​Saints on Thursday. While the Saints are currently viewed as 7.5-point favorites over America's Team, some ​members of the Cowboys are fired up over the prospect of ​bringing them down.

Cowboys defensive end ​DeMarcus Lawrence had some strong words for the Saints ahead of their matchup. He definitely did not hold anything back with his latest comments. 

​​In the expletive-fueled rant, Lawrence makes it seem as if Thursday is going to be an extremely physical game and he wants his Cowboys teammates to be gassed up and ready for the game. 

The Saints lead the NFL with 37.2 points per game, and their 416.6 yards per game are good for fifth in the league. On the other hand, the Cowboys defense has held opponents to just 19.4 points per game, the third fewest in the league. 

This is a matchup between two dominant forces, in the Cowboys defense and Saints offense, and, though we're all plenty distracted by the Saints these days, conventional wisdom tells us how these battles generally play out. 

Lawrence is prepared for a grueling battle and is looking to surprise the Saints with the Cowboys' intensity on defense.