The man is having a year to remember. 

​After posting 86 carries in the past 12 days, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott said that he has been dealing with soreness in his hips.

While that is the direct result of him having to shoulder the majority of the offense with quarterback Dak Prescott struggling (early on in the season), he is on pace for 384 touches this season, which would be a career-high for him. 

Nearly 400 touches? Dallas doesn't seem to be too worried about it.

​​“His workload has been what we expect it to be,” Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said. “He’s one of the kind of rare guys who can do that week in and week out, and we’ve got to continue with that. He’s doing a great job of honing in all three downs. He plays a lot of snaps for us. It’s obviously a testament to him getting himself physically and mentally ready to do that. I think when we hand the ball to him, good things happen. We always seem to stay in front of the chains with him. Some of his best runs are 2- and 3-yard carries. I think he’s just being Zeke.”

The crazy part is that his 86 touches were only second most in a three-game span during his career, which just goes to show how much they truly rely on him to provide on offense. 

While he has gained a career-high 531 total yards from scrimmage during that span, it's clearly taking a toll on his body.

His previous career-high in touches came during his rookie season in 2016, where he had 354 touches, 322 of them coming as carries for 1,631 yards.

This is nothing new for the Cowboys, as former running back DeMarco Murray had 449 total touches back in 2014. They just have to make sure they don't work Elliott too hard because an injury could derail their season and playoff hopes.